Adkins-Backed Group Says “Kansas Abortion Ban is the Plan”

In a bombshell report from the Kansas Reflector, anti-choice group Value Them Both revealed that the Kansas legislature is set to ban abortion if the constitutional amendment passes in August. Amanda Adkins has been a staunch supporter of the amendment, and has a record of supporting extreme bans on abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.

Now, as Adkins faces growing calls to be transparent about her harmful record on reproductive rights, the Value Them Both Coalition is saying the quiet part out loud for her. At a meeting on Friday, the group’s organizers revealed they already have legislation prepared to “criminalize all abortions from the moment of fertilization until birth.” The Kansas City Star reported earlier this month that Adkins supported a platform that could completely ban abortions with “no exceptions for rape or incest, beginning at fertilization.” 

“Kansans received confirmation of what we long feared would come from the constitutional amendment, if it passes: extremist politicians will institute a radical, no-exception ban,” said Rep. Sharice Davids. “My opponent supports these plans that will only take Kansas backward. Her extreme position doesn’t reflect the values of the Kansas Third.” 

Read more from the Kansas Reflector:

“A regional director of the Value Them Both Coalition told a meeting of Reno County Republicans last month that the organization has legislation ready to ban abortion in Kansas if voters adopt a constitutional amendment Aug. 2.

A state senator also told the crowd he wanted to pass laws “with my goal of life starting at conception.”

The expressed intent to ban abortion stands in direct contrast with public statements by supporters of the constitutional amendment, who have repeatedly insisted the Aug. 2 vote is not about banning abortion. The comments support the fears of those who are working to defeat the amendment…”

Read more from Angela Schweller of Overland Park on the Kansas City Star Opinion Page:

“Amanda Adkins is once again running to represent our district, and despite the reversal of Roe v. Wade, she has dodged questions in attempts to shield her extreme views.

Just like her former boss, ex-Gov. Sam Brownback, Adkins opposes Roe v. Wade. This radical plan embodies the extreme extent of her pro-mandate beliefs, and shows she supports government bans over personal freedoms. Her party has repeatedly introduced radical criminalization of abortion, such as a bill proposed just this year with no exceptions for rape or incest, beginning at fertilization.


Amanda Adkins’ stances are with the minority of our county and state — and certainly don’t represent those here in the Kansas 3rd, which is why she’s been silent on her agenda if elected in a post-Roe America.

We have the right to know where our representatives stand. It’s the bare minimum that candidates can do for their prospective constituents…”