CALLED OUT AGAIN: Amanda Adkins ‘Masks’ her ‘Rigid Abortion’ Position After Kansans Resoundingly Reject her Extreme Views

Once again, Amanda Adkins is making headlines for attempting to mask her long-standing position as an anti-abortion extremist. Her sudden cover up comes after the Kansas Third District overwhelmingly defeated the anti-abortion constitutional amendment — which she “100 percent” voted for. 

As Adkins said herself, she is a “pro-life candidate,” who has a record of “supporting life from conception until natural death,” and even backed a plan that would ban abortion with no exception for rape or incest during her time as Chair of the Kansas Republican Party. While Adkins is busy hiding her anti-abortion history, Rep. Sharice Davids remains the only pro-choice candidate for the Kansas Third. 

Rep. Davids told Fox 4 KC: “Now more than ever, people are going to want to know where each of us is at . . . I think given every chance, Amanda Adkins has demonstrated that she is not in step with not just the Third District, but now even Kansas.” 

Amanda Adkins is trying to hide her anti-abortion record, but she can’t escape her past. On top of CNNSalon, and the Kansas Reflector, she keeps getting called out:  

AP: GOP candidates mask rigid abortion stances after Roe ruling

“In Kansas, Republican Amanda Adkins — who is running against two-term Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids — wrote in a Kansas City Star op-ed published last week, ‘I don’t support a federal ban on abortion.’

The mention came after months of silence by Adkins after the May leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion signaling Roe was in jeopardy. A decade earlier as Kansas’ Republican chair, Adkins had supported a strict abortion ban in the party’s platform.

Adkins’ Star piece also followed close on the heels of Kansas voters’ decisive rejection of a constitutional amendment that would have nullified a state Supreme Court decision guaranteeing the right to an abortion. Notably, the referendum failed in Johnson County — the teeming, suburban heart of Davids’ district — by more than 2-to-1. Adkins publicly supported the amendment.

Nunn’s and Adkins’ efforts to deemphasize their previous conservative stances on abortion are conspicuous.”

Fox 4: Abortion and its impact on the Kansas 3rd Congressional District race

“How Adkins and Democratic Congresswoman Sharice Davids view abortion could also play a role in November though.

Davids said she’s been clear since the start that she’s supports abortion rights. She argued Adkins hasn’t been as clear on her stance.

‘I definitely think that she has not been as clear lately as she was even prior to the Constitutional Amendment vote,’ Davids told FOX4 Thursday. ‘She was very clearly in favor of the Constitutional Amendment that would have allowed for a total ban in our state.

Kansans soundly defeated the amendment though, which kept an abortion a constitutional right.”