ICYMI: Adkins Doubles Down on Her Extreme Position, Rep. Sharice Davids Stands Up for Choice

Since the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade, Rep. Sharice Davids has stood firmly as an advocate for a person’s right to choose. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Star revealed today that Republican candidate Amanda Adkins has a record of pushing for complete bans on abortion, without exception for rape or incest.

The Kansas City Star reports that Adkins supports the constitutional amendment that would allow the Kansas Legislature to ban access to reproductive health care, and that her troubling position isn’t new: Adkins reportedly pushed for a “Human Life Amendment” that could “go as far as preventing states from legalizing abortion” while chair of the Kansas Republican Party, and she served as Sam Brownback’s campaign manager while he campaigned “as a staunch religious conservative and was one of the leading opponents of abortion.”

On the other hand, the Star reports that Davids “has come out strongly against the constitutional amendment.” Davids also discussed the Dobbs ruling on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, detailing how Kansans are fighting hard to remain the Free State, saying: “We’re doing everything we can to beat back this constitutional amendment that would create a highway to extreme bans… It’s not okay to take away our rights or for politicians to insert themselves into our health care decisions.” 

Read more in the Kansas City Star:

“In Kansas Thursday, Davids told reporters the choice was black and white. 

‘I think that people have a clear choice between someone who believes that people should be able to make their own medical decisions and have the right to access the full range of reproductive health services and someone who has supported some of the most extreme bans on, not just accessing abortion, but accessing that full range of reproductive services,’ Davids said.


Still, abortion rights may take on a new significance to voters. ‘I think voters understand and are galvanized by this decision, because it’s no longer in the abstract,’ said Danni Wang, a spokeswoman for EMILY’S List, an organization which works to elect women who support abortion rights. ‘They want to do whatever they can to elect leaders that represent their values.’”

Watch Rep. Sharice Davids on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.