ICYMI: Amid Threats by Extreme Politicians, Sharice Davids Works to Protect Social Security, Medicare

Today, Ted Kelly of Leawood wrote an essay for the Kansas City Star describing the need to protect Social Security and Medicare, “bedrocks of our nation” that are “under attack by extreme politicians.” He notes Representative Sharice Davids’ “unwavering stance against threats to” the programs, which he and his wife rely on.

Earlier this year, the Republican Study Committee, representing nearly 80 percent of U.S. House Republicans, released a budget plan with drastic cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Simultaneously, the plan advocated for tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations.

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“Social Security and Medicare are bedrocks of our nation that my wife and I, like many Americans, utilize to live safe, healthy and productive lives. However, both programs are under attack by extreme politicians who want to end them as we know it and put people who count on these resources in danger. Thankfully, Kansas families have a friend and ally in Rep. Sharice Davids, who is fighting every day to defend these vital programs for current and future generations. 


Former Gov. Sam Brownback’s push for partially privatized Social Security in 2007 drew criticism from organizations like AARP, citing risks to the program’s long-term stability. The potential loss of these benefits would result in nearly 29% of Kansans over the age of 65 having incomes below the official poverty line, a stark contrast to the current rate of 5.6%. 

Fast forward to this year, where the Republican Study Committee, which represents nearly 80% of U.S. House Republicans and their entire leadership team, unveiled a plan threatening Social Security and Medicare. This proposal would make Americans wait longer to earn their benefits and impose $1.5 trillion in cuts to Social Security. It would also slash popular proposals, supported by Davids, that are saving individuals like me money, including the ability for Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs and a $35 monthly insulin cap. 


While we are fortunate not to depend solely on them, they do provide some relief in our monthly budget, allowing us to allocate more funds for groceries, gas and other daily expenses. Some of our friends and neighbors, however, rely heavily on these benefits, emphasizing the critical need for their protection by members of Congress. 

That’s where Davids comes in. When I first applied for Social Security, my application got lost in the shuffle. It was only through prompt assistance from the congresswoman’s office that I could cut through the bureaucratic challenges and get the benefits I earned. Her team was professional, empathetic and efficient, reflecting Davids’ commitment to her constituents’ well-being. 

As I’ve learned more about Davids, I’ve grown increasingly appreciative of her dedication. Her unwavering stance against threats to Social Security and Medicare in Washington assures me and fellow Kansans that our voices are heard and our interests are fiercely defended. 

I feel fortunate to have Sharice Davids representing our community. She’s intelligent, diligent and always available to people like me who need help. I have full confidence that she will continue fighting to preserve our access to Social Security and Medicare. We’re lucky to have her in Washington.”