ICYMI: Rep. Sharice Davids Discusses Kansans’ Landslide Rejection of Extreme Anti-Abortion Views

Last night, voters overwhelmingly rejected the restrictive constitutional amendment and the extreme politicians pushing for it to pass. Rep. Sharice Davids hit the airwaves to speak on the impact of this victory here in Kansas and in her race come November.

Along with defeating the amendment, Davids won her uncontested primary election. She is again facing longtime Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins, who backed the amendment “100 percent,” and has pushed for a plan to make abortion illegal, even in the case of rape and incest. In the Kansas Third, the amendment failed by two-to-one margin, showing how drastically out-of-touch Adkins’ views are with the District. 

Watch Rep. Sharice Davids on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

“We saw a broad diverse coalition of groups coming together to fight the amendment and what it stood for, which was really increased government control over our health care decisions. We saw that Kansans resoundingly rejected that extreme position.”

Watch Rep. Sharice Davids on NBC’s Election Night Special with Chuck Todd and Kristin Welker:

“As we look forward to November… I have an opponent that is too far out there on this issue. I have an opponent who would support a total ban, no exception. Not for rape. Not for incest. I’m gonna make sure that in November, we put a bolt on the door that we’re closing tonight.”

Watch Rep. Sharice Davids on CNN:

“It was a win for Kansas families and for our rights. It was a demonstration that we’re going to be pushing back against these extreme measures and extreme politicians who are trying to interfere with our reproductive health care decisions.”

“I have an opponent, Amanda Adkins, who is too far out there on this issue. She supported the amendment. She supports a total ban with no exceptions for things like rape or incest. I think what we’re going to see is people … hold folks’ feet to the fire and make sure they know: are you going to protect my rights on this issue?”

Watch Rep. Sharice Davids on MSNBC:

“Can I tell you how much work went into this? It’s the same thing that happens at an MMA fight: you can’t stop until the bell rings and that’s what the folks in Kansas did today.” 

Watch Rep. Sharice Davids on CNN:

“We don’t want the government making our reproductive health care decisions for us… I think that there’s a lot of energy to make sure that we’re maintaining our rights, and that our children and our grandchildren have as many rights as we’ve had.”