ICYMI: What Kansans are Reading Ahead of Major Amendment Vote

Tomorrow, Kansas will be the first state in the country to vote on abortion rights after Roe v. Wade was overturned, and Kansans are paying attention to which candidates are standing up for their freedoms—and who is standing against them. 

Read headlines across the country as Rep. Sharice Davids stands up for reproductive freedoms—and slams her challenger and longtime Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins for her extreme and out-of-touch views:

AP: Vulnerable House Dems see abortion as winning campaign theme

“In the final months of her [Rep. Sharice Davids] congressional campaign, she is focusing on Republicans’ strict opposition to abortion rights.

An online ad she released last week highlights how Amanda Adkins, the Republican favored to emerge from Tuesday’s primary for a rematch with Davids in November, opposed abortion without exceptions. The ad points to Adkins’ support of an amendment to the Kansas Constitution on the ballot Tuesday that would make clear there is no right to abortion in the states.

‘There were a lot of people who would not have known that I have an opponent who is extreme on this issue,’ Davids, who beat Adkins in 2020, said in an interview. ‘It’s not hypothetical anymore.’” 

Roll Call: At the Races: Pick your ‘R’ word

“In neighboring Kansas, Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids released a digital ad highlighting her GOP opponent Amanda Adkins’ support of a ballot referendum before voters next week that would strip abortion rights from the state constitution.”

Watch Rep. Sharice Davids on MSNBC’s Last Word.

Politico: Kansas’ abortion vote kicks off new post-Roe era

“On Saturday morning, dozens of volunteers with Kansans for Constitutional Freedom gathered in a community center in Kansas City’s Rosedale neighborhood to fuel up on vegan donuts and hear a pep talk from Rep. Sharice Davids (D-Kan.) before heading out to canvas.


‘It’s why I feel so optimistic about our ability to beat this thing back,’ she said. ‘A hundred years from now, people are going to look back at this time we’re in now, and I hope you all feel a little bit of relief knowing that when they look back, they’re going to see that you’re a group of people who not only saved our democracy, but helped make sure that our children and grandchildren had just as many rights as we have.’”