KC Star Editorial Board Endorses Representative Sharice Davids for the Kansas Third

KC Star: ‘Davids stands far above her challenger, and richly deserves another term’

Today, The Kansas City Star Editorial Board endorsed Representative Sharice Davids for the Kansas Third Congressional District. The Star highlighted Rep. Davids’ commitment to working for her constituents, regardless of party, as a key reason to why she earned their support. 

The Star detailed how Rep. Davids tackles real issues by working across the aisle—nearly 75 percent of the bills she’s cosponsored have been bipartisan. She’s also in line with key issues in the Kansas Third, evidenced by her work to learn more about agriculture and her support of reproductive rights in the face of Adkins’ extremism. 

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“​​… We think voters should send Davids back to Washington in January. 

The incumbent has done well getting to know what her constituents care about and want. That’s changing, because the district is changing. Davids told the board she’s spent most of the last year listening and learning more about rural issues.


We like Davids’ willingness to work with both parties on legislation. That will come in handy should the GOP take control of the House. ‘From health care to infrastructure to agriculture, I’ll work with anyone, regardless of party, to do what’s best for Kansas,’ Davids said.

Her record backs that claim up. Nearly 75% of the bills Davids has introduced or co-sponsored have been bipartisan. This session, Davids has her name on new laws such as the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which would improve supply chain problems. While visiting rural towns in her district, she learned how supply chain clogs have a negative impact on the farm industry. She also worked to pass the COVID-19 Fraud Statute of Limitations Act to help catch pandemic scammers, and to pass a law expanding health care and benefits to veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxic substances. 

Davids stands beside Kansas voters in her strong support for abortion rights. ‘I believe people have a right to make their own health care decisions, not the government,’ she said.

Adkins, a former Cerner Corporation vice president and senior Sam Brownback aide who served four years as Kansas Republican Party chair, declined to meet with the editorial board. She describes herself as ‘very pro-life.’


Sharice Davids has been a serious and unpretentious representative for Kansans in Congress for four years. Every election is about a choice between candidates. In this race, Davids stands far above her challenger, and richly deserves another term.”