New Sharice for Congress Ad Highlights Amanda Adkins’ Deep Ties to Sam Brownback

Sharice for Congress released a new TV ad today highlighting Amanda Adkins’ decades long career as a top advisor to former Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. Adkins worked alongside Brownback to execute his disastrous tax experiment that resulted in historic cuts to Kansas schools, the effects of which are still being felt by Kansas families today. 

Watch ‘Stop’ here:

Amanda Adkins managed Brownback’s campaign for U.S. Senate and served as head of the Kansas Republican Party when Brownback was first elected governor, helping to champion his disastrous economic policies. 

Brownback later appointed Adkins to chair the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund, where she worked with Brownback to cover up his attempts at slashing the budget for early childhood programs. Under Adkins’ leadership, the Cabinet suffered millions of dollars in funding cuts to these critical early childhood programs. In addition to causing historic cuts to the state’s education system, the tax experiment Adkins supported “tanked” the state’s economy and led to the state’s credit rating being “downgraded because of its budget problems.” 

The effects of the Adkins-Brownback budget cuts are still being felt today as Kansas grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. Years of underfunding have left K-12 schools and state agencies such as the Department of Health and Environment ill-equipped to handle the pandemic. 

“As a longtime advisor to Sam Brownback, Amanda Adkins helped execute a disastrous tax experiment that caused historic cuts to Kansas public schools—and Kansas families are still paying the price. Kansans deserve a leader who will fight for strong public schools and affordable health care, not one who will repeat all the worst of the Brownback Administration,” said Johanna Warshaw, spokesperson for the Sharice for Congress campaign.