Rep. Sharice Davids on KCUR: Focused on Lowering Costs, Working Across the Aisle

This morning, Representative Sharice Davids joined KCUR’s Kansas City Today podcast to discuss key issues for her re-election campaign. Rep. Davids is focused on lowering costs and protecting reproductive rights for folks across the Kansas Third District.

Rep. Davids detailed her recent work to fix the supply chain, bring manufacturing back home, and cap health care expenses as part of her plan to fight inflation and bring down costs. Last month, Rep. Davids supported legislation to cap insulin at $35 per month for Medicare, and give Medicare the power to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices. 

Meanwhile, Amanda Adkins cited irresponsible budget plans that call for large cuts to Social Security and Medicare as a part of her vision to reduce the nation’s deficit that she would “absolutely support.”

Listen to KCUR’s Kansas City Today here or key quotes below: 

  • “I’ve been looking at ways to enact policies and push for legislation … to fix our supply chains so that we’re making more here, domestically… [In Congress] I’ve been a big proponent of making sure we’re being as fiscally responsible as we can be.”
  • “I mentioned the capping of prescription drug costs, including insulin, but we’re also going to see Medicare who’s going to be able to negotiate prescription drug prices, which will not only save folks who are on Medicare money, but it also saves the overall taxpayer money.”
  • “I’ve been willing to work with anyone—Republican or Democrat—if the outcome is something that is going to be good for Kansas.”
  • “The choice is very clear: I have fought to protect our rights, and have fought to make sure that people have the ability to make their own decisions with their doctor, and not have a politician making their decisions. My opponent, who has not only supported the recent amendment, but also, was Chair of the [Kansas] Republican Party when they were pushing for an extreme ban without exception for rape or incest.”
  • “I’ve been going out and meeting with folks in Miami County, Anderson County, and Franklin County… It’s going to require me to learn a lot about new sectors, like agriculture, but it also means that I get the chance to bring resources back to the Kansas Third—whether that’s on infrastructure, small business or the Ag Committee, I’m going to continue to do that.”