Sharice for Congress Launches New Digital Ad: “We Can’t Go Back”

With one week until Kansans vote on a constitutional amendment that would pave the way for a total abortion ban in the state, Sharice for Congress launched a new ad in the Kansas Third calling out Amanda Adkins and her former boss Governor Sam Brownback for their out-of-touch and dangerous views. Amanda Adkins, who served as campaign manager and top advisor to Governor Brownback for years, has a record of supporting extreme bans on abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.

Watch the ad here:

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 Adkins has been a staunch supporter of the proposed constitutional amendment and faces growing calls to be transparent about her harmful record on reproductive rights. The Kansas City Star reported earlier this month that Adkins supported a platform that could completely ban abortions with “no exceptions for rape or incest, beginning at fertilization”—a position shared by only 14% of Third District voters.

“In one week, Kansans will make their voices heard on reproductive rights. And in November, they will reject Amanda Adkins’ extreme views—including pushing for a total abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest—and her lockstep record with disgraced Governor Sam Brownback,” said Ellie Turner, spokesperson for Sharice for Congress.