Sharice for Congress Releases First Ad of 2020: ‘Work’

Representative Sharice Davids’ campaign today released their first TV ad of 2020, “Work,” highlighting Davids’ efforts to help Kansas families, workers, and small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Watch ‘Work’ here:

“The coronavirus pandemic has shown that our economy and healthcare system need to change, and I’m committed to making sure those changes benefit hard-working Kansans, not just the well-connected,” said Representative Sharice Davids. “I’ve listened to the concerns of Kansas families, health care workers, and small businesses during this crisis and I’m pushing for real solutions to the challenges they’re facing. That includes access to affordable health care and paid sick leave, aid for small businesses, and oversight of relief funds.” 

Davids led the charge to provide aid to small businesses and wrote legislation to require more transparency around relief funding so that it is directed to small businesses, not big corporations and well-connected companies that don’t need help. 

She also fought to lower prescription drug costs and to expand access to affordable healthcare that will cover medical emergencies like coronavirus. Additionally, Davids is pushing for paid sick leave so that workers don’t have to choose between their health and their paycheck.