Adkins Doubles Down on GOP ‘Manifesto’ to Slash Social Security, Education, Abortion Rights

This week, longtime Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins doubled down on her endorsement of a controversial budget plan that would cut Medicare and Social Security, slash early childhood education, ban abortion without exceptions, and send doctors to prison—even as other Republican candidates shy away from its “political vulnerabilities.

  • In an email to supporters, Adkins again confirmed her support for the drastic cuts that would make millions of Kansas seniors wait longer for their hard earned benefits and end Medicare as we know it, calling it “a very solid budget.”
  • In a radio interview, Adkins reiterated that she wants to end early childhood programs like Head Start, which thousands of families in Kansas rely on for affordable child care—continuing her record from Sam Brownback’s administration, where she oversaw a 75% cut in early education funding.
  • But when asked why Adkins supports this platform, which includes a total ban on abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother—she had nothing to say for herself.

Nothing new here…the Kansas Reflector reported how Adkins’ support of this plan is similar to her support of the “philosophy of governing advanced in Kansas when Sam Brownback was governor from 2011 to 2018.” Adkins stood with Brownback for decades as he “tanked” Kansas’ budget, schools and social services to pay for corporate tax giveaways.

“Amanda Adkins’ vision for Kansas is a nightmare for seniors, women, and families. She wants to cut your Social Security to pay for her corporate tax giveaways—but Kansas has been through this Adkins-Brownback agenda before, and we are not doing it again,” said Ellie Turner, spokesperson for Sharice for Congress.