ICYMI: JoCo Sheriff Embroiled in Election Scandal Featured in Adkins’ Campaign Ad

As more shocking information emerges about Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden spending taxpayer dollars to chase baseless election fraud allegations and attempting to actively intervene in local elections, Amanda Adkins continues to stand with him—literally.

One day after new reports revealed Johnson County’s top legal counsel was concerned that Sheriff Hayden’s actions rose to “attempting to interfere with an election,” Adkins released an ad prominently featuring the Sheriff. She has declined to weigh in on his use of taxpayer dollars to investigate baseless conspiracies, declined to answer if she also believes there was substantial fraud in Johnson County elections, and declined to say if President Biden won the 2020 Presidential election.

Hayden and Adkins’ extreme positions are making local and national news:

Reuters: IT’S 2020 SOMEWHERE 

“A coalition of rightwing ‘constitutional sheriffs,’ who claim legal power in their jurisdictions that exceeds U.S. federal and state authorities, has a new calling: investigating conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was rigged against former President Donald Trump….Calvin Hayden, sheriff of Johnson County, Kansas, told the Las Vegas gathering that he plans to employ technology to expand his investigation.

‘We’re going to start doing our geodata,’ Hayden said. ‘I have no question that we’re going to get to the bottom of this.’ 

 Hayden launched the probe last year despite repeated assurances from county and state election officials that the vote had been conducted fairly.”

Sunflower State Journal: ​​New Adkins ad featuring JoCo sheriff targeted in congressional race

“Democratic U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids is criticizing Republican challenger Amanda Adkins’ new ad that prominently features Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden, who has come under criticism for an apparent attempt to intervene in local elections.

Davids’ campaign says Adkins’ ‘promotion of Sheriff Hayden’s baseless, taxpayer-funded election investigation’ demonstrates that the Republican challenger is ‘too extreme for the Kansas Third.’


The new Adkins ad came out right at about the same time when it was reported that it appeared Hayden was trying to interfere with elections run by Johnson County election officials.”

Kansas City Star: ‘Attempting to interfere’: Johnson County sheriff suggested his staff transport ballots

“But the remarkable July 5 meeting shows Hayden wanting to move beyond investigation to playing a direct role in how elections are conducted. If county officials agreed to his requests, it would place a law enforcement official who has stoked suspicions of fraud at the heart of Johnson County election administration.


As he seeks to limit the use of drop boxes, Hayden has been politically active. He appears in a new TV ad released by Republican Amanda Adkins’ congressional campaign. Hayden isn’t identified in the ad, but he is shown standing with Adkins twice in the 30-second spot. Both times Adkins and Hayden – wearing blue jeans and a dark blazer – are next to a law enforcement vehicle, its lights flashing.”