October 27, 2022

Sharice for Congress Releases New Ad: ‘Safe’

Ad Features Former Overland Park Police Chief Highlighting Davids’ Commitment to Keeping Kansans Safe
Today, Sharice for Congress released its next TV ad of 2022, “Safe,” featuring 41-year veteran of the Overland Park Police Department and former Overland Park Chief of Police, John Douglass. The ad highlights Rep. Sharice Davids’ commitment to keeping Kansans safe and her record of working across the aisle to support local law enforcement.

Watch “Safe” here:

“Everyone should feel safe in our community, and that’s why I’ve worked closely with local law enforcement and first responders to get them the resources they need, from upgrading equipment to hiring more mental and behavioral health professionals,” said Davids. “The Third District wants an independent representative who is going to stay focused on the issues that matter and work together to get things done. I will always be that leader for Kansas.”

“I know what law enforcement needs to keep people safe, and trust me, Sharice Davids has law enforcement’s back,” says former Overland Park Chief of Police John Douglass in the ad. “Voting for equipment and training, plus hundreds of new officers to keep violent criminals off the streets. Congresswoman Davids has kept us safe. Anyone who says different is just making things up.”

Rep. Davids has voted to pass bipartisan legislation that increased funding for state and local law enforcement agencies in 2019 and 2020. She has also supported crucial funding to promote mental health crisis response, and helped secure nearly $250,000 for the Overland Park Police Department to expand their crisis response team last year. Additionally, Rep. Davids met with federal, state, and local law enforcement about the fentanyl crisis in our community—then, based on their suggestions and experience, she took bipartisan action to improve technology at the border and provide resources to purchase life-saving naloxone.

October 26, 2022

Rep. Sharice Davids Discusses Work to Make Health Care More Affordable in Louisburg

LOUISBURG, KS – Today, Representative Sharice Davids met with Kansas seniors in Miami County to discuss her recent work to lower health care costs. Davids highlighted her record of making health care more affordable, including creating the first-ever cap on annual prescription drug costs for seniors, giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs, and helping end surprise medical billing. 

“It was great to stop in Miami County and connect with seniors who are seeing lower costs thanks to important health care provisions I fought for,” said Davids. “Too many Kansans are affected by skyrocketing prescription drugs and medical expenses. Whether it’s capping insulin at $35 a month for seniors, finally allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies, or ending surprise medical billing, I’m focused on lowering costs for Kansans—and my record shows that I work with anyone, regardless of party, to get it done.”

Here’s what Rep. Davids has accomplished to lower health care costs for Kansans: 

  • Capped the cost of prescriptions for seniors, including by passing Medicare’s first-ever out-of-pocket maximum on prescription drugs, making expensive vaccines like shingles free, and capping co-pays for insulin at $35 a month. 
  • Stood up to Big Pharma by finally allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prices on drugs and creating an inflation rebate if companies increase drug prices faster than inflation.
  • Helped draft and pass a bipartisan law ending surprise medical billing and protecting consumers from these unexpected and often financially devastating expenses.
  • Lowered premiums for Kansas families who buy their own insurance by an average of $980 each year.
October 25, 2022

Rep. Sharice Davids Wins Final Debate

In tonight’s final debate for the Third Congressional District of Kansas, Representative Sharice Davids showed clearly why her approach and vision has earned her the support of voters in the Kansas Third, and how longtime Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins’ fringe positions on reproductive rights and economic issues are too extreme for this community.

During the debate hosted by Fox4 KC and the Kansas City Star, Davids highlighted her successful, bipartisan record on everything from health care to infrastructure to manufacturing job creation. While Davids has stood up to her party to push for cost relief, Adkins’ economic record includes supporting Sam Brownback’s devastating “tax experiment” that blew a hole in Kansas’ budget, resulting in teacher and law enforcement layoffs across the state.

Adkins’ contradictory and evasive position on reproductive rights was exposed for what it is: out of step with a district that voted to protect the right to choose 2-to-1 in August. Adkins made no attempt to answer for her endorsement of a Congressional agenda that would ban all abortions without exception for rape, incest, or life of the mother.

“Tonight, Rep. Sharice Davids showed that her bipartisan approach works and her priorities are in line with the voters of the Third District,” said Ellie Turner, spokesperson for Sharice for Congress. “On the other hand, whether we’re talking about economic issues, reproductive rights, or defending democracy, the people of the Third District cannot trust Amanda Adkins to stand up for them.”

October 22, 2022

Rep. Sharice Davids Votes Early in General Election, Encourages Kansans to Make their Voice Heard

Today, on the first day of early in-person voting in Johnson County, Representative Sharice Davids joined Kansans in a rally and a march to the polls to cast their votes in the general election. Rep. Davids discussed the importance of this election, and encouraged all Kansans to make their voice heard whether voting early in person, by mail, or on Election Day.

“I urge all Kansans to make their voices heard in this election. The stakes are high—and early voting is a convenient and secure option,” said Davids. “The Kansas Third doesn’t want another divisive politician looking to score political points. Whether it’s standing up to my own party, working across the aisle to pass meaningful legislation, or defending reproductive rights, I will always fight to move Kansas forward.” 

In the first Congressional debate last night, Rep. Davids showed Kansans why they chose her over longtime Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins last election, and why they will do it again in November. During the Shawnee Mission Post debate, she highlighted her strong bipartisan recordsuccesses in lowering health care costs for Kansans, and long defense of reproductive freedoms—none of which can be said for Adkins. 

To check registration status and find early voting locations, Kansans can go to the Kansas Secretary of State’s website or Advance in-person voting is available throughout the Third District until November 7 at noon, and voters do not need to be registered with a political party to vote in the general election. 

October 21, 2022

Rep. Sharice Davids Wins First Debate

Tonight, Representative Sharice Davids showed Kansans why they chose her over longtime Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins last election, and why they will do it again in November.

During the debate hosted by the Shawnee Mission Post, KCUR, and Kansas City Public television, Davids highlighted her strong bipartisan record, her successful push to lower prescription drug costs for Kansans, and the clear contrast on economic issues between her and Adkins, who worked alongside Sam Brownback as he decimated the state budget. 

Adkins also struggled to defend her contradictory and evasive positions on reproductive rights during the debate, with no clear answer on why she endorsed a Congressional agenda that would ban all abortions without exception for rape, incest, or life of the mother.

“Tonight, voters saw two different paths for Kansas: one that places partisanship over people and one that continues to move our state forward by working together on tough issues,” said Ellie Turner, spokesperson for Sharice for Congress. “Whether on economic issues, reproductive rights, or defending democracy, Rep. Sharice Davids clearly showed that her independent approach works and her priorities are in line with the voters of the Third District. Amanda Adkins cannot say the same.”

Davids will participate in a second debate on Tuesday, October 25 at 7pm CT, hosted by Fox4 KC and the Kansas City Star.

October 13, 2022

Representative Sharice Davids Raises Over $2.1 Million In Third Quarter

Davids Enters Final Weeks with Record Breaking Haul

Today, Representative Sharice Davids (KS-03) announced her campaign raised more than $2.1 million in the third quarter of 2022. Davids goes into the final weeks until the election with $1.5 million cash on hand and her highest haul this cycle. 

“It has been great watching our team grow in size and support as we head into election day,” said Davids. “I’m grateful for the continued grassroots energy in this campaign, and look forward to making progress on the issues that matter to our community, from lowering costs to protecting reproductive rights.”

After posting record-breaking totals in 2021, this continues Davids’ streak. Davids’ Q3 total places her as one of the top fundraisers this cycle—a true sign of the energy and excitement to re-elect her in November.

October 11, 2022

KC Star Editorial Board Endorses Representative Sharice Davids for the Kansas Third

KC Star: ‘Davids stands far above her challenger, and richly deserves another term’

Today, The Kansas City Star Editorial Board endorsed Representative Sharice Davids for the Kansas Third Congressional District. The Star highlighted Rep. Davids’ commitment to working for her constituents, regardless of party, as a key reason to why she earned their support. 

The Star detailed how Rep. Davids tackles real issues by working across the aisle—nearly 75 percent of the bills she’s cosponsored have been bipartisan. She’s also in line with key issues in the Kansas Third, evidenced by her work to learn more about agriculture and her support of reproductive rights in the face of Adkins’ extremism. 

Read more here or below:

“​​… We think voters should send Davids back to Washington in January. 

The incumbent has done well getting to know what her constituents care about and want. That’s changing, because the district is changing. Davids told the board she’s spent most of the last year listening and learning more about rural issues.


We like Davids’ willingness to work with both parties on legislation. That will come in handy should the GOP take control of the House. ‘From health care to infrastructure to agriculture, I’ll work with anyone, regardless of party, to do what’s best for Kansas,’ Davids said.

Her record backs that claim up. Nearly 75% of the bills Davids has introduced or co-sponsored have been bipartisan. This session, Davids has her name on new laws such as the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which would improve supply chain problems. While visiting rural towns in her district, she learned how supply chain clogs have a negative impact on the farm industry. She also worked to pass the COVID-19 Fraud Statute of Limitations Act to help catch pandemic scammers, and to pass a law expanding health care and benefits to veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxic substances. 

Davids stands beside Kansas voters in her strong support for abortion rights. ‘I believe people have a right to make their own health care decisions, not the government,’ she said.

Adkins, a former Cerner Corporation vice president and senior Sam Brownback aide who served four years as Kansas Republican Party chair, declined to meet with the editorial board. She describes herself as ‘very pro-life.’


Sharice Davids has been a serious and unpretentious representative for Kansans in Congress for four years. Every election is about a choice between candidates. In this race, Davids stands far above her challenger, and richly deserves another term.”

October 10, 2022

ICYMI: KC Star Op-Ed: ‘Kansas is better off when we work together to move forward’

Representative Sharice Davids: ‘Kansas has a clear choice this election. I’ve stood up for Kansas and worked across the aisle to bring jobs and economic opportunity back to our district’

With less than 30 days to the election, Representative Sharice Davids penned an op-ed for the Kansas City Star summing up why she is the best choice to represent the Kansas Third District. Rep. Davids detailed how listening to her constituents informs her approach to legislating, and how she tackles real issues by working across the aisle to move Kansas forward. 

By highlighting her record of bipartisan success, Rep. Davids makes the choice in this election clear. Longtime Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins has a history of supporting divisive policies including “absolutely” endorsing a controversial manifesto that aims to slash Medicare, limit Social Security, and ban abortion nationwide with no exceptions.

Read more here or key quotes below:

  • “I’ve taken the approach of putting people over politics throughout my time serving Kansas’ 3rd District, and it shows. In a time marked by division and partisan rhetoric, I’ve stayed focused on the issues that I hear about most from our community.”
  • “… I’m not afraid to stand up to those in my own party when it’s right for Kansas. When I had a mom calling my office to say she was spending so much on gas that she couldn’t contribute to her son’s college fund anymore, I called on the president to take immediate action and suspend the federal gas tax. People in my party disagreed, but I know we have to do everything possible to help folks get through these extraordinary times.”
  • “This is how we keep Kansas moving forward at a time when some politicians seem more interested in pursuing election conspiracies than policymaking. It’s how we continue our recovery from the Sam Brownback era that bankrupted our state. And it’s how we continue to fight against extremism, even when it comes to our front door.”
  • “Conversely, my opponent and a longtime adviser to Sam Brownback, Amanda Adkins, thinks good policy is slashing Social Security, putting women in danger by banning abortion without exception and criminalizing doctors — not to mention that she helped put our state in the Brownback budget hole in the first place.”
October 8, 2022

Rep. Sharice Davids Participates in Candidate Forum with Johnson County NAACP, Mainstream Coalition, and More

SHAWNEE, KS – Today, Representative Sharice Davids participated in a candidate forum hosted by the Johnson County NAACP, Mainstream Coalition, the Johnson County League of Women Voters, MORE2, and the Voter Rights Network of Wyandotte County. She spoke with voters and answered questions about her work on the economy and her position on voting rights and the right to choose. 

“It’s always great to get out and talk with folks in our community about the issues that matter most to them, from my work to lower costs to protecting free and fair elections,” said Davids. “Today I heard a lot of concern about our rights: both the right to vote and our reproductive rights. I’m the only candidate who is working to protect both.”

Rep. Davids has long advocated to keep politicians out of Kansans’ health care decisions, including by opposing the anti-choice amendment in August. Conversely, Republican candidate and longtime Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins is an anti-abortion extremist with a lengthy history of working to strip away reproductive rights—a position that puts her at odds with Third District voters. 

At today’s event, Rep. Davids also shared her record of working with anyone – Republican or Democrat – to get things done for Kansas. She spoke about her work to lower costs by making investments in our infrastructure and supply chain, boosting domestic manufacturing, and capping the cost of prescription drugs for seniors.

October 5, 2022

New Ad Features OB/GYN on Adkins’ Extreme Abortion Agenda

Sharice for Congress Ad Highlights Real-Life Dangers of Adkins’ Extreme Anti-Choice Agenda

This weekend, Sharice for Congress released a new ad, “Duty,” featuring Dr. Kristi Weaver, a practicing OB/GYN in Overland Park. Dr. Weaver shares how Amanda Adkins’ support of extreme abortion bans with no exceptions in cases of rape, incest, or for the health of the mother would endanger Kansas women like her patients.

Watch “Duty” here:

“I have been an OB/GYN for over 10 years. It is my duty to care for my patients and keep them from harm. So when I hear Amanda Adkins say that she absolutely supports banning all abortions with no exceptions, it makes me wonder how I am going to be able to take care of my patients,” Dr. Weaver says in the ad.

Adkins, a self-proclaimed “pro-life advocate,” endorsed a far-right manifesto that would put forth a nationwide total abortion ban from five to seven weeks of gestation. The proposal that she supports would also ban abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother and send doctors to prison for doing their jobs. Adkins, who vocally supported the anti-choice constitutional amendment in August, is also endorsed by extremist groups who said a 10-year-old rape victim should be forced to have the baby.

Meanwhile, Rep. Davids joined over 67 percent of voters in the Kansas Third in rejecting the extreme anti-abortion amendment and in Congress, she has voted to codify Roe and keep politicians out of Kansans’ health care decisions.