October 22, 2020

#KS03 FACT CHECK: Sharice Davids Has Fought to Lower Health Care Costs and Protect Pre-existing Conditions

Too many Kansas families struggle with the cost of healthcare, and that’s why Representative Sharice Davids has fought to bring down the cost of healthcare, including prescription drugs and premiums, and to protect people with pre-existing conditions. 

Here are the facts on Rep. Davids’ health care record:

  • Rep. Davids secured provisions in a recently passed health care package to help Kansas expand Medicaid, which would deliver affordable health care to an estimated 150,000 Kansans.
  • She voted for multiple bills to protect pre-existing conditions and fight against this Administration’s attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. 
  • Rep. Davids introduced legislation to combat surprise medical billing by requiring insurance companies to regularly update their directories, so people are aware of what their costs will be ahead of time. 

This stands in stark contrast to Amanda Adkins’ efforts to tear down the ACA, which would rip away health coverage from millions of Americans during a global pandemic, and her opposition to Medicaid expansion. 


October 13, 2020

Davids Raises Over $1.5 Million During Third Quarter of 2020

In the latest sign of Representative Sharice Davids’ strength heading into the November 3 election, Davids announced today her campaign raised over $1.5 million in the third quarter of 2020. 

“I’m incredibly thankful for the support and momentum our campaign has received as we head into the final stretch of this election,” said Davids. “It’s clear that my work to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs, provide much-needed relief to our workers and small businesses during this pandemic, and stand up to special interests in Washington is resonating with people across the Kansas Third. While our campaign might look different this year, Kansans are more engaged than ever and determined to continue the progress we’ve made together.”

While Davids has focused her efforts on tackling the historic challenges facing Kansas families, Amanda Adkins has doubled down on her support for the failed policies of Donald Trump and Sam Brownback, including attempting to rip away health care from millions of Americans during a global pandemic. 

Over 90 percent of Davids’ contributions received this cycle have been $100 or less, and more than half of the contributions have been $15 or less.

September 18, 2020

Vice President Joe Biden Endorses Representative Sharice Davids for Re-election

Vice President Joe Biden has endorsed Representative Sharice Davids for re-election in Kansas’ Third Congressional District.

“Since the day she was sworn into office, Representative Sharice Davids has been a tireless advocate for hardworking Kansans,” said Biden. “Sharice has reached across the aisle to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, help small businesses and workers, and ensure families have the resources they need to recover from the coronavirus. Congress needs more leaders like Sharice who roll up their sleeves to get things done for their districts.” 

Davids served as a White House Fellow under the Obama-Biden Administration in 2016. She also recently served as Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Convention, where Biden accepted the party’s presidential nomination. 

“It is an honor to have the endorsement and support of Vice President Joe Biden,” said Davids. “Vice President Biden and I share a commitment to making sure every person in this country has the opportunity to succeed. He understands the need for affordable healthcare, quality public education, and civil discourse among our leaders. I look forward to working together with him in the White House to create a better future for Kansas families and to restore the soul of this nation.”  


September 17, 2020

Kansas City Star: Joe Biden continues streak of Midwest endorsements, backs Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden endorsed Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Thursday, continuing a string of political testimonials in Kansas and Missouri over the past week.

Davids, who represents Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, will face Republican Amanda Adkins in November’s election.

Biden called Davids a “tireless advocate for hardworking Kansans.”

“Congress needs more leaders like Sharice who roll up their sleeves to get things done for their districts,” Biden said in a release.

“It is an honor to have the endorsement and support of Vice President Joe Biden,” Davids said in her statement. “Vice President Biden and I share a commitment to making sure every person in this country has the opportunity to succeed.”

Davids received backing from former President Barack Obama in 2018, when she defeated Republican incumbent Kevin Yoder.

On Monday, Biden announced his support for Missouri gubernatorial candidate Nicole Galloway, followed Tuesday by Jill Schupp in her campaign for Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District.

Biden has endorsed numerous other U.S. House candidates in red districts over the past week.

September 15, 2020

New Sharice for Congress Ad Highlights Amanda Adkins’ Deep Ties to Sam Brownback

Sharice for Congress released a new TV ad today highlighting Amanda Adkins’ decades long career as a top advisor to former Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. Adkins worked alongside Brownback to execute his disastrous tax experiment that resulted in historic cuts to Kansas schools, the effects of which are still being felt by Kansas families today. 

Watch ‘Stop’ here:

Amanda Adkins managed Brownback’s campaign for U.S. Senate and served as head of the Kansas Republican Party when Brownback was first elected governor, helping to champion his disastrous economic policies. 

Brownback later appointed Adkins to chair the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund, where she worked with Brownback to cover up his attempts at slashing the budget for early childhood programs. Under Adkins’ leadership, the Cabinet suffered millions of dollars in funding cuts to these critical early childhood programs. In addition to causing historic cuts to the state’s education system, the tax experiment Adkins supported “tanked” the state’s economy and led to the state’s credit rating being “downgraded because of its budget problems.” 

The effects of the Adkins-Brownback budget cuts are still being felt today as Kansas grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. Years of underfunding have left K-12 schools and state agencies such as the Department of Health and Environment ill-equipped to handle the pandemic. 

“As a longtime advisor to Sam Brownback, Amanda Adkins helped execute a disastrous tax experiment that caused historic cuts to Kansas public schools—and Kansas families are still paying the price. Kansans deserve a leader who will fight for strong public schools and affordable health care, not one who will repeat all the worst of the Brownback Administration,” said Johanna Warshaw, spokesperson for the Sharice for Congress campaign. 

September 9, 2020

Rep. Sharice Davids Endorses Slate of State, Local Candidates in Kansas

U.S. Representative Sharice Davids today announced her support for a slate of state and local candidates in Kansas ahead of the November 3rd election. 

“If we’re going to make progress on the issues that matter most to Kansans – from expanding Medicaid to investing in our public schools and roads – then we need to elect strong Democrats up and down the ballot this November. These candidates will put in the hard work it takes to help rebuild our state in the wake of this crisis and ensure that every Kansan has the opportunity to succeed. I look forward to working with them to make that happen,” said Davids. 

Davids announced her support of the following candidates:

Kansas Senate:

  • Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, District 19 
  • Sen. Pat Pettey, District 6
  • Sen. David Haley, District 4 
  • Sen. Dinah Sykes, District 21
  • Sen. Tom Hawk, District 22
  • Sen. Mary Ware, District 25 
  • Rep. Jim Ward, District 28
  • Jeffrey Pittman, District 5
  • Ethan Corson, District 7
  • Cindy Holscher, District 8 
  • Stacey Knoell, District 9 
  • Lindsey Constance, District 10 
  • Joy Koesten, District 11 
  • Tobias Schlingensiepen, District 18 
  • Rachel Willis, District 20 
  • Wendy Budetti, District 23
  • Melissa Gregory, District 30
  • Becca Peck, District 37 

Kansas House:

  • Rep. Cindy Neighbor, District 18
  • Rep. Stephanie Clayton, District 19 
  • Rep. Jerry Stogsdill, District 21
  • Rep. Susan Ruiz, District 23 
  • Rep. Jarrod Ousley, District 24 
  • Rep. Rui Xu, District 25
  • Rep. Brett Parker, District 29 
  • Rep. Brandon Woodard, District 30 
  • Rep. Louis E. Ruiz, District 31 
  • Rep. Pam Curtis, District 32
  • Rep. Tom Burroughs, District 33
  • Rep. Valdenia C. Winn, District 34 
  • Rep. Broderick Henderson, District 35
  • Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore, District 36 
  •  Rep. Stan Frownfelter, District 37 
  • Rep. Jennifer Day, District 48
  • Rep. Virgil Weigel, District 56 
  • Christina Haswood, District 10
  • Angela Justus Schweller, District 14
  • Cole Fine, District 15
  • Linda Featherston, District 16 
  • Jo Ella Hoye, District 17 
  • Mari-Lynn Poskin, District 20 
  • Lindsay Vaughn, District 22 
  • W. Michael Shimeall, District 26
  • Les Lampe, District 39
  • Katie Dixon, District 49
  • Kathy Meyer, District 78

Davids will also be supporting candidates in Kansas through the establishment of her new leadership PAC, Sunflower Seeds. Sunflower Seeds PAC is dedicated to electing strong candidates to state, local and federal office. 

September 4, 2020

Indian Country Today: Sharice Davids: ‘The Native vote cannot be underestimated

U.S Rep. Sharice Davids of Kansas made history in 2018 when she was one of the first two Native women elected to Congress.

Two years later, she’s running again, and had faced a crowded field of Republican candidates.

Davids, who represents Kansas’ 3rd district, ran unopposed in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

She will go up against Amanda Adkins, former chairwoman of the Kansas GOP, in the November general election. The Republican primary was a race between five candidates.

Davids told Indian Country Today that every Republican candidate who ran said they would vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, something she is opposed to.

Davids says she has been campaigning through Zoom video calls and text and phone banking.

“The biggest thing and the most important thing to all of us has been making sure people are able to stay safe,” Davids said.

She estimates that many voters in Kansas have cast their ballots through advanced voting, a way to vote by mail. Her office has been helping constituents learn about voting by mail and finding where to drop off their ballots.

Much of Davids’ work in Congress has also included advocating for Indian Country.

In 2019, Davids presided over the House floor in a debate regarding amendments for the Violence Against Women’s Act.

The House passed an expanded version of the act including renewal of tribal provisions and new measures to improve data collection.

She has also advocated for increased participation of Native people in voting and running for office, something she believes will make a “huge impact” in 2020’s elections.

“The Native vote cannot be underestimated,” Davids said.

“We have the power to shift the dynamics of races, of the presidential and other races in states like Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota. There are so many places where the Native vote could literally shift the entire direction of a presidential campaign,” Davids said.

Davids has formally endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president.

Earlier this month, Indian Country Today published a story titled, “Want to win? Consider 3 Native women for vice president.”

Davids said the idea of a Native woman as vice president excited her.

“We’re seeing a new age of Native people really taking the reins in our state legislatures and in our federal government. And I’m looking forward to when we have more Native women serving in the House with us, some in the Senate, and then obviously yes, at some point as our vice presidential and presidential nominees.”

September 1, 2020

Kansas City Star: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a GOP-leaning group, endorses Democrat Davids in Kansas race

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has officially endorsed Kansas Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids for re-election, a sign that the GOP-friendly business group expects Democrats to maintain their majority in the U.S. House.

The chamber, which represents U.S. business interests, spent $200,000 against Davids in 2018 when she took on incumbent Republican Kevin Yoder.

Two years later, the group is backing Davids over Republican Amanda Adkins in Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, which covers Johnson, Wyandotte and Miami Counties.

Davids received a letter Tuesday afternoon informing her of the endorsement, citing her vote in favor of the USMCA trade agreement with Canada and Mexico as among the reasons the group was backing the Kansas Democrat.

“In challenging times, we are reminded of the importance of having leaders who understand the genius of the American system of government and free enterprise and who are willing to tackle the hard problems that confront our nation,” said Thomas J. Donohue, the chamber’s CEO, in the letter.

“Your continued leadership in Congress will benefit the nation as we combat the coronavirus, work to restore economic growth, and expand opportunities for all Americans,” Donohue told Davids in the letter she shared with The Star.

Davids said in a statement Tuesday evening that she was “proud to be endorsed by the U.S. Chamber for my work to support our small businesses, pass a strong trade deal to create good Kansas jobs, and rebuild our economy back stronger than before.”

She promised to “advance pro-growth policies that will help move our community forward, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.”

The endorsement was highly anticipated after Politico reported that the chamber would be endorsing 30 House Democrats. A source familiar with the endorsements confirmed Tuesday morning to The Star that Davids would be among those candidates.

The endorsement is a major blow to Adkins, a Cerner executive seeking to return the seat to GOP hands. Adkins’ campaign has largely hinged on her business experience.

Her campaign accused the chamber of making a mistake before the endorsement had been officially announced.

“Either the U.S. Chamber isn’t doing its homework, or it has some explaining to do to its Kansas City members,” Adkins’ spokesman Matthew Trail said in a statement. “Kansas City families can’t afford Sharice Davids’ radical, tax-and-spend agenda.”

The chamber’s endorsement of Davids could signal it’s unlikely that national GOP money will come into the district to aid Adkins.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has not yet committed to spending in the district ahead of the Nov. 3 general election. The race is currently rated as a likely Democratic hold by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

Davids has closely aligned with House Democratic leadership during her two years in Congress, but broke from the party in May when she voted against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.

Davids contended the bill was too broad and partisan.

The chamber’s endorsement comes the same day that Davids launched her first television ad of the election cycle. The ad focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the virus surged and the economy slowed down, I knew I couldn’t. So I’ve been talking with medical experts, businesses and Kansas families about ways to beat the virus, to protect health care and lower costs and ensure every Kansan in part of our economic recovery, not just the well-connected,” Davids says in the ad.

While the chamber is backing Davids and other House Democrats in anticipation that they maintain their majority, it is also working to ensure Republicans hold on the Senate.

The chamber endorsed Rep. Roger Marshall in the U.S. Senate race in June, saying at the time that Republicans must hold the Kansas seat to “to maintain a pro-business majority in the U.S. Senate.”

September 1, 2020

Sharice for Congress Releases First Ad of 2020: ‘Work’

Representative Sharice Davids’ campaign today released their first TV ad of 2020, “Work,” highlighting Davids’ efforts to help Kansas families, workers, and small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Watch ‘Work’ here:

“The coronavirus pandemic has shown that our economy and healthcare system need to change, and I’m committed to making sure those changes benefit hard-working Kansans, not just the well-connected,” said Representative Sharice Davids. “I’ve listened to the concerns of Kansas families, health care workers, and small businesses during this crisis and I’m pushing for real solutions to the challenges they’re facing. That includes access to affordable health care and paid sick leave, aid for small businesses, and oversight of relief funds.” 

Davids led the charge to provide aid to small businesses and wrote legislation to require more transparency around relief funding so that it is directed to small businesses, not big corporations and well-connected companies that don’t need help. 

She also fought to lower prescription drug costs and to expand access to affordable healthcare that will cover medical emergencies like coronavirus. Additionally, Davids is pushing for paid sick leave so that workers don’t have to choose between their health and their paycheck. 

August 17, 2020

DNC Convention Vice Chair Sharice Davids Releases Public Schedule

Democratic National Convention Vice Chair Sharice Davids (KS-03) will participate in the following series of events from Monday, August 17 to Thursday, August 20. 

“I’m honored to serve as a Vice Chair of the National Democratic Convention as we unite around the critical task of electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November, so we can end the chaos of the Trump Administration and build a better future for all,” said Davids. “This is the most consequential election of our lifetimes. It’s about taking back our democracy – and this week we will show exactly why Joe Biden is the right person for the job.” 

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